Resurface or Replace

Below is a comparison chart of what is involved with Replacing versus Tub Refinishing:

 ResurfaceTub Liner InstallTub Replacement
Project timeTub resurface - 4 hours
Tub surround - 6 hours
Ready to use next day!
Up to 4 weeks from time of order to actual install (up to one full work day)2 to 3 weeks!
Home / Room DisturbanceMINOR: surfaces papered and taped off. Exhaust fan used.Moderate; dust and debrisMAJOR: Several workmen, debris, dumpsters, dust, noise, massive destruction
Durability10 - 15 years
Easier to keep clean
5 - 10 years
Harder to keep clean
Can crack and/or leak
15+ years
Cost$295.00Tub Only: $1300+
Tub / Wall: $3000+